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Hot topic The E-Boutique - What would YOU like to see?
by KeithJ
So with the recent debut of the revamped on-line Cirque E-Boutique (, what item(s) would you like to see on
25 by The Tracker
9 months 2 weeks ago
Hot topic Cirque du Soleil Singer Characters name
by Propel_Pierrot
I just want (with the help of fans of Cirque) listing the names of the characters who are singers so that no one is forgotten, as a sort of database for the fans :P
21 by ZumanityDelights
9 months 2 weeks ago
Normal topic Cirque Instrumentals?
by thefleur
Hi all,
6 by thefleur
9 months 2 weeks ago
Hot topic Koozå (Page: 1, 2, 3Last Page)
by Semisubtle
150 by rowelle
10 months 11 hours ago
Hot topic Kurios Seating Recommendations/Suggestions
by foobar
Any recommendations for Kurios? As close as possible to the stage or some rows back for a better view?
26 by Mungojerrie2010
10 months 1 day ago
Normal topic Dragone's "Dai Show" Xishuangbana, China (17th Dec 2016)
by The Tracker
Overall it is a standout show out of all the acrobatic shows I've been to in China, but I've seen elements of it done better elsewhere.
5 by The Tracker
10 months 2 days ago
Hot topic Site Logo?
by BeatleMike
I think I'm good with the site as it looks, everything seems to be working and everyone seems to be happy. I'll fix the member badge size soon.
18 by rowelle
10 months 5 days ago
Hot topic Kurios Filming in Chicago? (Page: 1, 2)
by MystereGuy
Hey everyone. Just got back from the 5pm show of Kurios in Chicago and noticed a sign that said this show was being filmed. Does anyone have more info about this? Hoping it's for a DVD release.
31 by Richasi
10 months 1 week ago
Normal topic Hommage Series 2017: Luc Plamondon
by Utopian Just in case you missed it
by Utopian
10 months 1 week ago
Normal topic Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey: Circus XTREME
by Matthew250
Now, being a Cirque and Ringling Brothers fan myself, I've just gotten word that the Ringling Bros show; Circus XTREME will head to Orlando at the beginning of the new year.
by Matthew250
10 months 1 week ago
Normal topic Alternate Main Characters
by kraze56
Hello everyone!
6 by kraze56
10 months 1 week ago
Hot topic Thanksgiving in Vegas
by nikita
Hi y'all! I hope you guys can help with the following questions:
21 by nikita
10 months 3 weeks ago
Normal topic Ovo Montreal 12-04-2016
by kraze56
Saw Ovo yesterday here in Montreal. I also saw it about 3 times in the Chapiteau years ago.
by kraze56
10 months 3 weeks ago
Normal topic Cavalia - Odysseo
by Semisubtle
Has anyone seen this one before? Any thoughts on this one or the company's eponymous show?
4 by The Waiter
10 months 3 weeks ago
Normal topic Amaluna 20th November 2017 7pm
by Steamer
Overall a nice experience. Went with family and friends and we all agreed that (at this current state) this show is one of the better ones.
9 by Semisubtle
11 months 3 hours ago
Hot topic Most disturbing cirque character?
by The Waiter
I've noticed that pretty much all of the Dragone cirque shows have at least one deliberately disturbing, dark, or creepy character. So which ones do you think are the creepiest?
18 by ZarkMagic
11 months 2 weeks ago
Normal topic Character games
by Propel_Pierrot
Would you help me find the names of these characters? all the help available is welcome haha
7 by Propel_Pierrot
11 months 2 weeks ago
Normal topic Kooza In Sydney (10th Sept 2016)
by The Tracker
Before now, I had never seen Kooza live, and as a bit of a disclaimer, I've never seen the individual acts of wheel of death or high wire before either so I don't know if this influenced what excit
12 by Colton
11 months 2 weeks ago
Normal topic Sharing Global Media articles regarding Cirque ;)
by thefleur
I was thinking we can all share various media articles relating to Cirque productions. It's always cool to see different countries' takes on the interpretations of shows.
4 by Semisubtle
12 months 13 min ago
Hot topic Tours 2015/16 (Page: 1, 2, 3Last Page)
by The Tracker
I think its about time we start moving our discussion of future tour plans from tours 2015 to tours 2016!
550 by EthAn
12 months 3 days ago
Normal topic Turkish Court Orders Injunction Against Cirque
by Richasi
A Turkish court in the northwestern border province of Edirne has passed an interim injunction ordering the seizure of 23 trucks belonging to the world-renowned Quebecois performance group Cirque d
5 by Richasi
1 year 5 days ago
Normal topic Toruk, New York City, 9/7/16
by ispeakcirquish
Hey y'all! I saw the New York premiere of Toruk and I'm gonna write a bit on it! First off, attendance was pretty strong at Barclay's.
6 by Colton
1 year 3 weeks ago
Normal topic Cirque-themed Dancing With The Stars
by KeithJ
In intriguing news, ABC will have a Cirque du Soleil-themed night on Dancing With The Stars next Monday 10/4(8pm eastern).
4 by rowelle
1 year 3 weeks ago
Normal topic OVO: Orlando-September 22, 2016
by Mungojerrie2010
Last night I saw OVO for the first time. As any hardcore Cirque fan knows, OVO has always been a polarizing production; people either love it or truly despise it.
12 by Colton
1 year 3 weeks ago
Normal topic Totem in Osaka 19/20 Sept 2016
by The Tracker
Overall: Monday (the day I watched from the audience) is the day when most of the backups perform and this was evident in the slightly lower quality of the show, so I'd advise going to a prime time
5 by The Waiter
1 year 3 weeks ago


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