Cavalia - Odysseo

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Cavalia - Odysseo

Has anyone seen this one before? Any thoughts on this one or the company's eponymous show?

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They set up at the same place where Cirque sets up here in Seattle. I've never seen the show and have no plans to because they use animals in their shows. :( From what I've seen though, it does look beautiful. But I imagine it could get real boring real fast. Not to mention real smelly.

Cirque Shows Seen: Alegria, Amaluna, Kooza, Kurios (3), Luzia (2), Michael Jackson: Immortal, Quidam, Varekai

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We have seen both, in Seattle.

True they do use animals. That being said, they are beautiful shows that take place on huge stages. It never got smelly, or boring.

The original show, Cavalia, was amazing with its use of the horses, and showing the bond between horse and rider. The "star" horse, Templado, had a section in the show that showed the intimate bond between himself and his handler, it was a stirring moment. Much of the show the horses were untethered ("at liberty") and their training was impressive. Circus arts were also well incorporated into the show, but it really is about the horses.

I am particularly interested in a shows music and presentation, and the sound for Cavalia was SO GOOD I thought it was pre-recorded until 2/3 way through the first act, when the musicians appeared. Unvelievable how good it sounded.

"Odysseo" felt less "novel" but still was a great show that incorporated humans with the horses nicely.

The shows are a bit more expensive than Cirque, but IMO are worth it. -Keith J.

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Being from Montreal, the North American capital of Cirque, I have seen their shows. Cavalia is similar to CDS as it was created by ex-CDS people (mostly).
I was on the fence before seeing Odysseo, but I have to say that I was glad I did. Absolutely worth it if you enjoy circus arts.

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I saw the original Cavalia a few years back. Honestly I thought it was just okay. Parts of it were nice and pretty but other parts like all the formations in the second act I found to be extremely dull, though I think you'd have to really be into horses to enjoy it. Also, they threw in some bungee and aerial hoop acro in there which felt kind of out of place adn really separate from the horse acts.