Cirque is good

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Cirque is good
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While I'm all for a collaborative community, I do ask that in-depth discussion surrounding the direct exchange of Cirque content is kept strictly in private messages. Though rare and niche, this is still copyrighted content we're talking about, and from a forum organization standpoint, conversation can easily dissolve into a jumble of requests with little productivity. It's a tricky thing, especially with full shows being uploaded to YouTube every once in a while and frequent calls in the community to "download while you can," which I fully encourage! But if we're talking about links that can't be found by just anyone and content that can't easily be taken down at the copyright holder's request, then that's another matter. 

Fleur, your invite to trade is already on the table and I hope you find what you're looking for! I'll keep this up so people are aware both of your request and this board's general stance on sharing going forward, as it's never been formally stated.

To anyone else interested in trading: I've found that there are enough careful allusions scattered through conversations here to have an idea of who might be able to help you out. My advice is to be friendly, give and take, and never hesitate to PM your fellow fans. 


ETA for a little further clarity:

  • Linking publicly available content and encouraging people to save in their preferred method? I support it!
  • Mentioning as part of a broader discussion that you have something to share via PM? Go for it!
  • Specific threads dedicated to exchanging stuff none of us are supposed to have in the first place? Please avoid.
  • Looking for something? Reach out to your lovely Cirque fan network via PM. Wink
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Cirque is indeed excellent, but I really think they should hire more international artists scouted from circus festivals to elevate their acrobatics even more! And I don't suppose they'll hire North Koreans ahaha. Definitely check out the vids, and the final tricks are really spectaular!

Spanish web, but not as you know it:

Amazing Hoop Diving:

Paradise, High Bar and Trapeze fusion: