La Nouba - 6/16/2017 9:00 PM

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La Nouba - 6/16/2017 9:00 PM

Fourth time seeing this show!

OPENING: Memorable as always! Parade of characters and the maid opening.
BREAKDANCING: Was better than I thought it would be! Fitting for the song and pretty intense.
AERIAL BAMBOO: Also really good! Not sure if it's better than high wire, but the act put you on the edge of your seat.
DIABOLOS: As always, fantastic act & crowd pleaser. All 4 girls and didn't see any mistakes.
CYCLES: Nice long act, nothing out of the ordinary. Fun to watch.
AERIAL CRADLE: Great short act, music was really nice. Not much to say here!
AERIAL SILK: Some of the best music in the show, some nice tricks here and there.
ROLA BOLA: My personal favorite act. À la Lune is a great song. Not sure if it was on purpose, but with the final trick the guy fell after a couple of seconds, shook his head, and took a while to try it again.
FLYING TRAPEZE: Kind of dissappointing. They failed the first trick and the act was kind of short too. Not a bad act, though.
POWER TRACK: Great finale. Long act, thrilling, didn't see any mistakes.

Pretty good show. All acts were in and I didn't see any mistakes besides the trapeze one.
The clowns: There were a lot of clown acts, maybe one too many. But they weren't bad clown acts.
The acts: The two new ones were better than expected, and the others were really great too!
The music: La Nouba's music are classics. Selloane is a great singer, and great fit for La Nouba.

Overall, I'd give this performance an 8/10. Not much else to say - La Nouba is La Nouba, and it sucks they're closing it.

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Thanks for the review!! Too bad about flying trapeze -- that's a big rig to set up for a shorter act. Sounds like the show is in great shape and they'll be going out with a bang.