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BUT richasi, Saltimbanco played Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania before it returned to america to be closed. Varekai has not been to anywhere near as many of these places so it is unlikely it will jump back to NA and skip the rest. I don't know why you brought up Kooza, it's a GC show and not retiring either.

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Tracker: I mentioned Kooza because, perhaps you don't recall, the show did a 4 city stint in North America in 2015 as it traveled from Europe to South America (thanks to issues with the presenter in South America). I used the show as an example to suggest Varekai's stint here in North America would NOT be a Saltimbanco multi-city goodbye tour, but rather just a few city stop-over, like Kooza's was.

Saltimbanco under the Grand Chapiteau did something similar durings it's Asia-Pacific tour in 2000 - it stopped in Portland and Seattle on its way from Hong Kong to Japan. Just a quickie :) (But, there was a special circumstance to that too...)


Rumors are the show was recently re-filmed for employees - they only generally do that when the show is due to close soon. I have no knoweldge that the show will be closing soon, however, that being said, 2017 is Varekai's 4th full year as an arena show. It's realistically only has a year or two more - Alegria had 5 years, Quidam had a bit more than 5, Dralion had 5 - if that pattern holds out.

I would hope that all shows would do some kind of goodbye tour in North America, but the only one that did so was Saltimbanco. I'm still shocked they allowed Alegria to close in Antwerp and Quidam in Cristchurch without the hometown crowd to bid farewell, but whatever.