Vegas Shows Nov 28 - Dec 4

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Vegas Shows Nov 28 - Dec 4

Hi guys. I just got back from Vegas. Here are some very quick notes. I’m lousy with names and I'm very tired, sorry!!


Sublime, breathtaking, mind-blowing. The final scene of Le Vieux and Aurora drowning with the piano still gets me. It’s one of the most artistic things I’ve ever seen.

I saw it from section 203 on Nov 28. I’ve never been that far before, but it is a great view where you can appreciate the whole stage in its complete magnificence. Also the sound is better: clearer and louder.

On Nov 29 I was in the very first row in section 103, right in the middle. I finally caught the lifesaver!!! (*cries happily*). The theater was probably 60% full which was a surprise to me. The row behind me was completely empty!!
-Sadly duo trapeze only performed the first part of the act =(
-Contortion: I don’t know if I have bad luck or if they changed the act but the 4 times I’ve seen it this year (2 in April) I’ve only seen 3 contortionists.

Fortunately, Washington Trapeze is now a little bit longer, but still not as it used to be.

One of the singers missed her cue during Remous , it was cool because it’s a reminder that they’re singing live.

It’s hands down my favorite show in Las Vegas.

I was wondering, is the “Philemon seat” empty the rest show?

Mystere - Monday 30

- Oldie but goodie. There are posters with the legend “with thrilling new acts” but I didn’t see any other than aerial tissue. Am I wrong?

-Everything about aerial cube was different, music, costume and it’s more like an aerial straps act now…uhmm or did I see the “reserved aerial straps act”?

-I just love the red bird, his high energy and how he interacts with the rest of the characters.
-There was only one green lizard.

-Hand to hand –Talk about body control! These guys are amazing.

- The aerial silk before bungee is beautiful and it was great addition to the show. It suits perfectly to Kalimando.(*chills on spine*)

This show proves you don’t need a lot of technology to create a magical show.

KA- Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3

I was supposed to see Zumanity or MJ One instead but I like this show so much that I opted to see it twice. Zumanity was really disappointing the last time I saw it and I really don’t like MJ.

I don’t know why on earth they decided to change the comic act in the beach, it’s not funny anymore =(
-The aerial straps act is still beautiful but the tricks aren’t as impressive as before.

Other than that this show is still in astonishing shape. Very moving, touching, visually stunning and simply unbelievable. I never know whether to put attention to the acts or the music. My second favorite show after O.

Zarkana - Thursday 4

Meh..I don’t remember it being this bad. Honestly I prefer Viva Elvis over this show a thousand times.

I was looking forward to see Maria’s juggling act again , however is was replaced by a so-so handbalancing on canes one.
Ladder duo was also out.
Flag Manipulation - Original with great music. One guy dropped a flag.
Aerial straps- The Athertons are always a pleasure to see, although it could be longer, the audience is left wanting more. The music is beautiful.
Cyr Wheel – Kind of boring. The only cyr weel I like is in Corteo, sorry.
Wheel of death- Incredible! I think these guys are better than the Alegria brothers, however, the diameter of the wheel is smaller, isn’t it?
Banquine: Great act but not as amazing as Quidam or Zed/Viva Elvis.
Handbalancing – Very artistic and intriguing.
The singers are superb, outstanding voices.

By the way, is Russian bar still part of the show? I haven’t seen it.

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Thanks for writing! I so so hope to get to Vegas within the next two years and see both O and Mystere.

"All your dreams can come true. IF you have to courage to pursue them."-Walt Disney

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Ugh, not happy about aerial cube in mystere. The original act was one of the most beautiful acts I've ever seen, why did they have to change it? And what on earth was wrong with Misha? That was a fantastic piece! Why did they have to change that too?!

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When I went to mystere last year the thrilling new acts was hand balancing (on top if Chinese poles) and silks as far as I could tell.

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Handbalancing has always been there as far as I know. Aerial cube had become largely a straps act ever since Paul Bowler left. The two big additions were in 2012 when aerial silk was added to the show and trapeze replaced duo high bar.

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I'm haven't seen mystere before last year, but they inserted a flyer into the program saying "mind blowing new acts" and on it is a photo of silks and hand balancing so I just assumed they were the new stuff...