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I swear on Dancing Ants I hear 'Helps to be at home, helps to be ahead, helps to be above me' and later 'happens to be/me on the hardest day'. Any one else have interpretations? Heh.

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I thought it sounded like "Sucks to be a ho."

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OMG, Waiter, me too. LOL. I hear "Hurts to be a hoe, just to get ahead. Hurts to be above me." I also hear, "I feel it in my bones somedays" We need the lyrics asap to stop this craziness Cool

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Hehehe I heard one of the lyrics in "Dancing Ants" as "Helps to be a black man." I strongly doubt that's the real lyric, though! 

I do very, very much wish Cirque had included lyrics with this album. Some of the music is just so gorgeous and I'd love to be able to sing along, especially to "Inside Me."

Speaking of "Inside Me" I am absolutely dying at that song! The last two minutes especially are so sweeping, huge, dramatic, and beautiful. Having not seen the show in person yet, is the ending of the song, with the dark string synths and Camilla singing, in the show? I assumed yes, but in the live audience recording of Volta on YouTube from user MasterOfTime (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zroFAIjt6sg), the live song seems to end before my favorite portion of the entire studio album begins. Can anyone clarify? 

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Found this on YouTube - 


Half hour CBC interview special about Volta.  Seems to mainly with the BMX guys.  Enjoy :)