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About Me: 
I have lived all around the world and in every country I have lived in I have seen at least one Cirque show. Apart from Paris where I was born, I've seen Varekai in Charlotte even though I was living in Atlanta and I also saw Corteo on my last night there. Then in Tokyo I saw ZED and Dralion. When I moved to Shanghai I saw Saltimbanco and then when I went on a small holiday in Canada I managed to see Amaluna in Vancouver. Now in Zurich I have seen Kooza but I missed Quidam. I'm disappointed that I'll never see Quidam and Alegria in live. (I have on DVD though. But my goal for the future is to not miss any other touring show! When I was younger and since I saw Varekai, I've always wanted to be an artist for Cirque but now I realise it's too late but doesn't affect my obsession with it!
Cirque Shows I Have Seen: 
Journey of Man
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Sunday, March 26, 2000


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